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2020 - The Year of Awakening

The Communion Fast

Beginning January 6, 2019


Launch Into Your Best Year!

When the plight of man becomes the predicament of God it is time for the unveiling of the promise of HOPE


The Communion Fast

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History is marked by the remarkable lives of ordinary men and women, and the future will be marked similarly.

What are some of the common characteristics that are often found in major revivals globally and awakenings? Are there principles, truths and even disciplines that are found in such global awakenings?

If yes, what are these truths?

We are launching 2020 with a 21 Day Fast that is going be centered around the history of ordinary people encountering the manifest glory of God in amazing revivals and how often times a generational renewal of the revelation of the Lord's Supper lays at the heart of such awakenings.

We will return to the Table of the Lord

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