Frequently asked questions

How supportive is the community of Harlan County?

Is the County Executive Judge supportive of this Tiny Homes Project?

Has there been any kind of press reporting on this venture in Harlan County to raise awareness and gain support from the community?

How invested are the Officials of the County?

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Will there be any monitoring of the teenagers so they don't destroy the properties donated?

Who is involved in the building of these tiny homes?

How will utilities be provided?

How many tiny homes are you wanting to build?

What is your long term vision for Village of Hope?

What help is available for sustaining the homes with electricity, internet, water, and garbage?

What are the state requirements for tiny homes?

Could there be any legal ramifications if someone donates to build a tiny home and then there is an accident on the premises?

Would there be any insurance on these tiny homes in case of fire or does all responsibility lie with the teenager the home is provided for?

Who determines which students qualify for a tiny home?