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Awakening Mosaic Vision

The vision of Mosaic is leaders connecting relationally for the cause of awakening in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

We can easily accept the status quo of spiritual life in Kentucky. We can make excuses concerning our differences that distance us. We can readily defend the culture of dysfunction that these differences often breed, or we can bravely and boldly connect for a better Kentucky. A Kentucky shaped for her brightest future by leaders who humbly acknowledge the mission of Kentucky’s greatest awakening can never be accomplished alone.

There Is A Move of God Coming That Will Change The Course of the Land

Awakening Mosaic Cause

Mosaic is for the Cause of Awakening in Kentucky.

Let me explain: The word “cause” is used in a variety of ways . . . A situation can appear as a “lost cause”, people often pass away from a “natural cause”, a “cause” can refer to something we are to be concerned about or even contribute money towards a “cause”. We are using the “Cause” of Kentucky to refer to the broader vision and dream for Kentucky’s greatest awakening.

I believe Kentucky is currently experiencing a measure of political shift, economic expansion and much growth in educational institutions and schools, but often without a substantive shift spiritually these efforts can be short-lived and short-sighted. Generational awakening must be carried on the backs of courageous leaders willing to inspire people to believe for what God can do in us not just what government can do for us. This generational awakening begins, simply put, at our willingness to connect for a “Cause” so great it demands the courage of our connectivity and the strength of our synergy.

Awakening Mosaic Benchmarks

What is a benchmark? “A fixed point of reference from which all other essential components can be measured” (Merriam-Webster). The weight of the covering is measured by the strength of the foundation. The foundational benchmarks for A-Mosaic are simple: Humility, Honor, and Holiness (Heart of the Father).

These benchmarks determine the posture of relational synergy:

  1.  We humble ourselves first before the Father asking Him to give us an honest assessment of our motives and intentions for His assignment in Kentucky, and we humble ourselves before on another.  Our connectivity is facilitated by through the spirit of our humility. Humble ourselves in a spirit of repentance and confession. Humble ourselves desiring to see His heart for the hopelessness many people carry in their lives. Humble ourselves desiring His increase in our appetite for His Presence, His Power and His favor for all Kentuckians. 

 2.  We honor the Lord, and we honor one another. The seat of honor in all of our Mosaic Gatherings belongs to the Lord, and we will never be apologetic for His Word and His Work among us.  Honor creates a culture of intentional connectivity and synergy. Honor cultivates synergy among diversity. 

 3.  We serve from the posture of the Father's Heart.  What is the perspective of the Father's heart for the plight of humanity and the predicament of the Church?  In light of your answer, what posture should we take as a response? What does the Father feel over the anguish of suffering, the pain of rebellion or the hopelessness of addiction and poverty?  If we were intentional about our alignment with His heart and our willingness to act courageously together could we see hope restored in the heart?


Do you think if we shared in the anguish of the broken heart of God for wounded humanity we could also rejoice with Him when He draws the masses into a place of awakening and revival.

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